LinkedIn Text Ads

These are a great place to begin LinkedIn ads. Text ads can be run either pay-per click or cost-per impression and are targeted at the right prospects. Easy uploading and writing of your ads is possible. The ad platform manager allows you to keep track of your expenses.

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It’s important that you follow these best practices when creating text LinkedIn ads.

  • Add an image
  • Make a strong call for action
  • Focus your efforts on your target
  • Talk directly to your audience
  • To find the top performers, use A/B testing

Because of the limitations on how much text you are allowed to include in text ads, it can be quite challenging. You need to make sure you include as much information as possible in a limited space. Your headline should not exceed 25 characters and your description must be no more than 75 characters.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

This format allows you place your content ads on LinkedIn’s homepage. It is displayed on any device, including a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. These ads are not passive ads. Sponsored content LinkedIn ads engage with your target audience and begin conversations (which you should participate in )…). They can also be shared virally-style.

These LinkedIn ads are particularly eye-catching because of their visual format with photos.

You have two options: create new content for sponsorship or publish an update directly from your LinkedIn Company Page.

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LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn ads are very targeted. You can communicate with potential prospects directly via LinkedIn messenger. Your message will appear when they log in again. If they have that enabled, they will also receive notifications.

This is a great way to increase registrations for webinars or live events, or to send highly-targeted product and service ads. These messages reach your ideal prospect, which increases response. They can also access them via a computer or mobile device.

Display ads on LinkedIn

These displays ads allow you to target specific markets. These LinkedIn ads will be displayed on LinkedIn pages that have high traffic. This makes it more likely that your prospect will see them. These ads can be purchased through an open or private auction. These ads are very sophisticated and not the best way to get started with LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

This type of LinkedIn ads has the advantage of allowing you to target key decision-makers at prospective companies. You can personalize your ads to people by using LinkedIn member profiles. These dynamic ads can be super personalized to make them more effective.

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LinkedIn Advertising: Advanced Demographics

You can target people to whom your LinkedIn ads are visible using all of these methods. You can target specific companies by name, industry, gender, age, LinkedIn group memberships, skills, and seniority. These are great ways to ensure your ads reach the right people, the decision-makers at the companies you wish to do business.

How to get the most impact from your LinkedIn ads

  • LinkedIn ads are like any other marketing or advertising effort. You want to get maximum ROI. Here are some tips.
  • Copy is a key factor in marketing effectiveness. Don’t skip this step. Your messages should be simple and powerful.

Your LinkedIn ads must be relevant to your industry and the people that you are trying reach. Make sure the LinkedIn ads have the right copy, images, photos, and any other elements.

Attention to targeting. LinkedIn has many tools that can be used to ensure your messages are seen by the right people. These tools can be used based on industry and seniority. These tools are available to you.

Marketing is not easy. Not every ad works. You should test headlines, copy and images for different target markets, to find out which ones work and which don’t.

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You should also be closely monitoring the performance of your ads, the results of your testing, so that you can quickly “rollout” ads that bring in the leads and sales that you desire.