3 Mistakes To Avoid In Bitcoin Trading

You will soon be dissatisfied with the regulation of cryptocurrency markets. Many people have lost millions of dollars due to old scams and dodgy deals in the financial market.

You’ll soon realize that investing in cryptocurrency can make it a full-time job. You will spend hours searching the internet for the best prices and deals. You’ll be surrounded by candlesticks, Elliott Waves, and your dreams will come true.

Crypto traders cannot relax after the market closes, unlike stock traders who can do so. You may miss a 10-fold opportunity if you fall asleep at 2 AM. You may find yourself in a -40% bloodbath if you spend an hour at the beach on Sunday afternoon. You need to be alert and on the lookout for scams, as well as checking when Bitcoin trading is best.

Before you begin trading bitcoin, make sure you have read the following steps.

  • Find out more about cryptocurrency
  • Trade Bitcoin in a variety of ways
  • Select a suitable trading strategy
  • How to multiply your capital
  • Start Bitcoin trading
  • Select a trading platform

Following the above steps, you can begin the actual trading process. You should choose a trusted trading platform that has advanced trading tools and offers a variety of instruments. PrimeXBT is an award-winning margin trading platform, which offers stock, commodities, CFDs and digital currencies.

  • When choosing a platform that suits their needs best, the following are some of the most important factors to consider:
  • Feedback from the community and their presence – Does the platform interact with its community, and do they respond positively?
  • Security and safety – Does the platform have a track history of protecting users’ funds? Is it possible to hack the platform?
  • Customer service that cares: Look for a platform that offers live support 24 hours a day and provides helpful tips and information via a blog.
  • High-quality trading tools are only possible with a platform that has technical analysis software, a multitude of order types and position protection.

A variety of trading instruments. Make sure that the platform you choose offers all the assets you need to trade. A variety of markets allows traders to build a portfolio and take advantage of opportunities.

How to Avoid Making Mistakes?

  1. The Stop Drive

You’re falling asleep at midnight. Bitcoin’s price drops below $2000 in minutes. This kills your stop and results in a loss of approximately $1,000. The market then jumps up quickly.

This is called a “stopped drive” and it can come from any direction. An exchange that is aware of your stops may crash the price by making fake moves in order to take your profits. You can sell real coins and earn more profit, but it could also lose enough coins to crash its price within minutes.

  • This is a license for printing money that many brokers cannot resist.
  • Do not register stop losses on a platform. Even the most popular platforms can tempt you to profit from this and take advantage of it.
  1. Skill and not chance

Trading without the necessary skills is a common mistake made by beginners. Make sure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to keep up with the latest news. These are the steps that will make you lucky. It takes many hours of practice and reading about the market to get what appears to be luck.

Many beginners are so excited about making money that they forget to first understand what they are doing. Bitcoin’s price fluctuates and many investors have lost thousands trying to make quick bucks.

Learn about Bitcoin’s history and understand the factors that move its price. Then, learn how current news affects these factors. This will allow you to make the right trades and avoid losing money.

  1. Avoid Pressure

The price of Bitcoin has been falling since September 1st, when it touched $12,044 The coin’s value had dropped to $10,000 by September 4th, a drop of 5.4% and 10% respectively.

Other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, were also affected by this. They saw a 5% drop in their value. While many tried to explain what caused the cryptocurrency market to plummet, some traders went into panic mode. These volatile times may make it difficult for new traders and experienced traders alike to sell their coins and instead invest in cryptocurrencies with a higher price.

This is a huge mistake that traders should avoid. These bad days are not uncommon in cryptocurrency markets and shouldn’t be a reason to panic, sell or buy.


Bitcoin trading is a lucrative venture. However, only a small number of people make a profit. There are many scams and errors in the cryptocurrency market that can cost you thousands of dollars. Beginners should have the skills and knowledge to start.