How to start a business framing pictures


Picture framing does not require any formal training. However, beginners who are interested in starting a home business can take classes at their local art supply shop or community college to improve their skills. Although the average annual wage is $30,000, many independent picture framers find that they can make more money by working from home and owning their own business. Many people find that making a modest income from a hobby they love is worth it.

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You can create an artistic outlet and make money by starting your own business framing photographs. This is a niche industry with very few professionals. Once someone discovers your talent, it will spread the word, helping to get you new clients.

Clients can rely on you to provide a valuable service by framing and displaying their family’s memories or work.


The hours you spend running your business can quickly add up, especially if you have to frame unusual pieces.

Many tools are so expensive that it can be prohibitive to start up costs. Many people have tools they already have from their hobby so it’s an easy transition.

Professional framers have to contend with the fact that customers may challenge the price of their service after it is completed. It is important to provide a detailed estimate to customers before you start work. Also, have them sign a document agreeing with the charges.

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How to get started?

Tools include a sander and a matte cutter, glass cutter as well as tape, clamps, saws and miter boxes. Picture hangers are also available. A stapler is also available.

To layout your work efficiently, you will need a large table or workbench.

You will need space to store both framed and unframed artwork. Temperature and humidity control is recommended to prevent damage to valuable artwork and photographs.

A price list that is easily understood by your customers, whether they are in your shop or in your advertising

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Print and online ads

  • To generate business, we need strong relationships with galleries, art-supply shops, and photographers
  • You can display your work and bring samples to your customers’ homes or businesses.

Although it is expensive to start a home-based business in picture framing, and can take long hours, this can be a rewarding job for artists who love the work. This is one of those areas where you can make a side hustle and turn it into a full-time business. It allows you to explore your creativity while also being a successful entrepreneur. Although the income is not as high, it often provides more satisfaction for business owners than a higher salary.


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