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Members have the unique opportunity to publish in the Wichita Business Journal online. This will make you a leader in your field.

You can either publish full-length articles on your topic or join Expert Panels, which are round-up articles that you create in collaboration with other members.

The editorial team will help you navigate the publishing process. You can also work with our content creator team to have articles written based on your ideas.

Grow Your Wichita Network

Wichita is well-known for its mild, sunny climate, large parks and trails, as well as being the Air Capital of the World.

It is also popular with business owners, who phoenix business journal love the innovative-friendly infrastructure, low taxes, and high-skilled talent.

Wichita’s spirit for collaboration makes it the hardworking center of the nation.

Wichita Business Journal Leadership Trust will help you meet business owners who are familiar with the complexities of your situation and who care about your success.

Develop your business and career

To help you navigate the ever-changing business environment, we offer several live virtual events. Coaching and professional growth opportunities are also available.

Each is specifically designed for local business journal leaders and will help you to develop new skills and refine the strategies you have learned throughout your career.

Not only are you able to attend the events for the educational opportunities, but it is also a great way meet other business leaders. You will discover what you have in common, and how you can help each other.

Wichita Business Journal names Garver a Best Place To Work

Garver has been providing innovative infrastructure solutions to communities all across the country for more than 100 years. Garver also implements the most advanced programs that benefit employees who provide them.

Garver’s dedication to its employees was recently recognized by the Wichita Business Journal. The publication named Garver one of its 2019 Best Places To Work after conducting a survey. This award follows similar ones presented to Garver by The Oklahoman and Zweig Group.

Chris Bohm is a senior transportation manager based in Wichita. “Our mission it to solve our clients most complex problems because that’s their expectation and that’s the reward they get,” he said. But, it’s just as important to provide a workplace where our employees can not only work but thrive, because that’s what their workers deserve.

Garver offers a wide range of programs, including a comprehensive Wellness Program, which provides employees with access to a Wellness Team that is available for on-site consultations, nutrition assessments, personal training, and health consultations. Garver U is a series of professional development courses that are taught by some of the most skilled leaders in the company. Garver Launch, an annual internship program for students, offers employees opportunities to progress in their technical areas.

Garver employees also get involved in their communities through GarverGives. This company’s corporate-giving arm matches employee houston business journal contributions dollar for dollar and emphasizes contributions to STEM organizations. GarverGives was founded in 2015. Since then, GarverGives has contributed over $572,000 to more 300 organizations. Employees have also volunteered more that 1,500 hours.

Garver delivered several successful projects in Wichita to the Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport and McConnell Air Force base, as well as many surrounding communities. Garver currently serves as the owner’s representative of the City of Wichita’s new 120 MGD Northwest water treatment plant, which is the biggest capital improvement project in the history of the city.

Participates in Wichita Business Journal’s Emerging Leaders Program

As part of the Wichita Business Journal’s Emerging Leaders Program, I will be attending a three-day conference at Kansas Leadership Center over the next week. As someone who is passionate about civic engagement, I am excited to have the chance to develop my leadership skills and meet other people who are interested in making a difference in our community.

The program has allowed me to reflect back on the inspirational leaders I’ve met and their impact on my professional and personal lives. Looking back at my childhood in 4-H and my current role as platform strategist for Howerton+White, I can see that I have had the opportunity to learn from leaders who are able to answer questions and offer valuable insight.

This continuous exposure to inspiring leadership has given me the confidence and drive to be part of the next generation small business loans of community leaders who will shape the future of my growing community.

Thank you to Howerton+White and the Wichita Business Journal, for sponsoring me in this program.