MLM Success Tips

Sponsor, Don’t Recruit

MLM offers many benefits, including the possibility to build new businesses and make money from their sales. Although some may see it as “using” others to make a profit, the truth is that you are being rewarded for helping others succeed. To help them succeed, your role should not be about racking up the most recruits, but being a leader, and a trainer. You should be focusing on the success of the people you are helping in the business and not on yourself.

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For parties or presentations, set a goal

MLM allows people to go from person to person and business to business. Despite the fact that many people dislike this aspect of MLM, especially in digital age, it is what sells products and businesses and keeps customers happy.

Based on your compensation plans and goals, you can determine how many people are needed to promote your products or your business in order to achieve your goals within the timeframe you desire. This will help you grow your business, not just sustain it.

Listen to the Problem and then Sell it

Many companies offer scripts that will help you to sell your product or service. These scripts can be useful in helping you to understand your product and deal with objections. However, sales is about solving the customer’s problem. You can tailor your pitch to your customer by first qualifying them and then listening to what they need.

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Learn how to market

Direct sales is just like any other business. MLM marketers often stick to the 3-foot rule (everyone who is within 3 feet of you is a prospect). You can market it in many ways. Be sure to consider your target market and what they need, how you can help them, and where they can be found. You can use many marketing tools to increase sales and interest in your company, including a website (check your company policies regarding websites), email, social media, and other digital platforms.

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Differentiate yourself from other distributors

MLM can be difficult because prospects have to choose to join you over other reps they may know or live nearby. The same product is sold by thousands of other people, so consumers have the option to choose. It is important to be different from everyone else. You should give people an incentive to choose you over other reps. You have many options, including personalized service, creating your own rewards program or offering greater value.

Create a system for following up

Although you shouldn’t pester or annoy people, there are many situations where good follow-up can help you make the sale or recruit. Timing is key in sales. “No” doesn’t necessarily mean “never.”

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If they say no but you had a conversation that suggested they might be interested, you can ask them if they would like to be added to your email or mailing list. Or if you could call them in six months for follow-up. Many people will give their phone number or email address to you just because they are nice. Use your contact system or calendar to remind you when you should call.