Differentialities between H1 and H2 Economics at A Niveau

Differentialities between H1 and H2 Economics at A Niveau

Many believe that A-Levels are an indicator of intelligence. This implies that the subjects you are going to be studying in junior college are likely to be even more challenging than those you took in high school. This is normal, but it can be overwhelming to learn the differences between H1 subjects and subjects from H2. Especially if you have decided to opt for Economics to pass your A-Levels and you are thinking about the differences between H1 & H2 Economics and which one will be best suited for you. We have the answer for you.

H1 Economics

H1 Economics will introduce you to economic principles and all that is involved in the production, consumption and distribution of wealth. If you’re planning to enroll in the 3H2, 1H1 option, you probably should consider signing up for H1 economics. While H1 Economics isn’t as challenging as H2 Economics, it might still be quite a challenge for you to get hang of this subject in the beginning. Moreover the matter of the course weightage, and paper pattern cases have a weightage of around 70 percent while essays have the remaining 30 percent. In addition H1 Economics has only one paper requiring you to take on two case studies and one out of two essays.

H2 Economics

It is claimed that a large part of what you study in H2 Economics is included in H1 Economics. In particular, H1 Economics includes about 80% of H2 Economics materials. The major difference lies in how much each topic is covered. While H1 Economics can cover various economic concepts and theories but H2 Economics won’t. That being said, unlike H1 Economics, H2 focuses more on essays, and less on the cases. Plus there are two essays that you must pass if you decide to take H2 Economics.

H1 Economics Versus H2 Economics Which is better?

Whether you choose to take H1 or H2 Economics is completely up to you and the way you intend to complete the Singapore-Cambridge A-Levels exam. Each subject will require a lot of work. It all depends on your skills and passions. If case studies are what you love doing and are a fan of working on them, then H1 Economics could be a good fit for you. It’s also a good option if this will be your first encounter with the Economics subject. It can serve as an excellent foundation course to help you comprehend the ABC of the subject.

H2 Economics is the best choice if you are keen on essays since they have more weightage. Additionally H2 Economics offers more credit points than H1 Economics gives as you will have to take two papers instead of just one. This makes H2 Economics more challenging than its H1 counterpart. While the majority of the topics covered in H2 economics have also been covered in H1 Economics, the main challenge is in the higher degree of understanding of each subject covered. This is another reason for why H2 Economics is much more difficult than H1 Economics.

Final Verdict

The level of H1 and H2 Economics might differ. Both will require you to put in a lot of work to learn about the concepts. Hence, neither of the subjects should be viewed as a shortcut. Whether you opt for H1 or H2 Economics your chances of passing the test depend on your efforts and the tutoring skills of your instructor. It’s a great advantage to sign up for JC Economics Tuition.

It is also important to consider where your interests lie in case studies and essays. This will impact how you perform in the exam. Although effort and dedication are essential to pass the test, it’s also important to be interested in the subject and how the questions are presented. H2 Economics is the ideal choice for students who are passionate about writing and enjoy essays. H1 Economics could be the best option for those who are interested in research projects. The rest will depend on how hard they study to get their exam right.

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