Here are the facts concerning the American Welding Society

Learn more about the American Welding Society. Established in 1919, the society — also known as AWS — is a non-profit organization that aims to advance technology as well as science and the use of allied joining, welding, and cutting procedures as well as ensuring the safety of all who are member of the welding community.

With almost 70,000 members around the globe, their primary objective is to help experts in the industry. not only the welders as well as the business leaders, fabricators sales and service teams as well as associations, merchants academic institutions, scholars and committee members have a place within the society. Moreover you can learn more about welding through the numerous certificate programs that relate to welding.

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They have certified over 97,000 welding inspectors since 1976, the first year of the Certified Welding Inspector program.

The AWS is located in Miami, Florida, but it was already headquartered in New York when they first began. However the American Welding Society has connected welding associations and experts from around the world, in an effort to establish high-quality standards when it comes to welding professionals.

What are the benefits of obtaining certification from AWS?

As per their site, AWS has a very specific mission “Advancing the technology, science and applications of welding and other joining and cutting processes around the world, such as brazing, soldering and spraying”.

In this way, they invest in training specialists and experts on welding and related works. The American Welding Society certification is the ideal way to begin an occupation in this field. It’s for everyone: welders, fabricators and business leaders, sales and service team members, retailers, and even students and educational institutions.

By obtaining the certificate you can prove that you passed an extensive examination process established by the Qualification and Certification Board of the AWS which will distinguish you from the rest of your colleagues.

We can list a variety of advantages in addition to the being different from other welding professionals with a certification by the American Welding Society:

  • It shows you are striving to improve your welding skills and could open new opportunities for your career.
  • It’s a way to prove that your work experience is validated by a certification and accreditation board against an approved set of welding guidelines and standards;
  • it shows that you are capable of assuming a new stage within your profession and that you are always looking for new opportunities to learn more. Also, you will have a competitive edge;
  • you’ll be paid you’ll be paid more. If you’ve got a certification from American Welding Society, you will be able to prove that you have everything that is required to be a certified welding professional, and those who have higher qualifications are typically paid higher;

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Employers will see that you are more qualified than those who do not have accreditation.

The companies can also benefit from a certification as we’ve said that the American Welding Society is not only for welding professionals. Everyone, from entrepreneurs to schools, could enjoy the benefits of obtaining the certification.

In the advantages for businesses, you will see that your business will be able to demonstrate perfection for capacitating your employees – which can be utilized to increase sales when you have more capacitated employees, what you sell is better if compared to the companies that don’t have any AWS certification.